8. Changelog

8.1. Release 0.5 (2013-03-16)

  • Rewrite emitter for Client: replace mystic sessions that hides some detail with explicit need of yielding Header and Terminator records;
  • Fix emitter usage with infinity loop;
  • Use timer based on scheduled tasks instead of threading.Timer;
  • Remove internal states routine;
  • Improve overall stability;
  • Client now able to send data by chunks and with bulk mode, sending all records with single message;
  • Code cleanup;

8.2. Release 0.4.1 (2013-02-01)

  • Fix timer for Python 2.x

8.3. Release 0.4 (2013-02-01)

  • Fix astm.codec module: now it only decodes bytes to unicode and encodes unicode to bytes;
  • Add records dispatcher for server request handler;
  • Add session support for astm client emitter;
  • Repeat ENQ on timeout;
  • Code cleanup and refactoring;
  • Set minimal Python version to 2.6, but 3.2-3.3 also works well.

8.4. Release 0.3 (2012-12-15)

  • Refactor OmniLab module;
  • Rename astm.proto module to astm.protocol;
  • Add support for network operation timeouts;
  • Client now better communicates with ASTM records emitter;
  • Improve logging;
  • Code cleanup;
  • More tests for base functionality.

8.5. Release 0.2 (2012-12-11)

  • Fork, mix and refactor asyncore/asynchat modules to astm.asynclib module which provides more suitable methods to implement asynchronous operations for our task;
  • Implement ASTM client and server that handles common protocol routines.

8.6. Release 0.1 (2012-12-09)

  • Base decode/encode functions for ASTM data format;
  • Small object model mapping based on couchdb-python solution that helps to design records as classes, access to fields by name alias and provide autoconversion between Python objects and ASTM raw values;
  • Add demo support of OmniLab LabOnline product.